With a passion for trail running, wild swimming and cycling, Jessie McGuire is a women’s sportswear designer based in London. She has created a bold, “feminine” collection of versatile performance cycle-wear pieces which addresses the issue of female under-representation within the sport.

In 2011, a study by academics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine examined Cycling and the City and why “In London…cycling is disproportionately an activity for affluent white men.” In response to the invisibility of women in cycling culture, BA Textile Design student Jessie McGuire has created a bold, “feminine” collection of versatile performance cycle-wear pieces.

Coming from a family of competitive athletes, she grew up around cyclists and runners. As a starting point for research she took inspiration from a collection of family photographs featuring her grandfather, uncle and cousins’ cycling careers. It is a sport that has been passed down through three generations in her family.

In the development of the project, she was interested in investigating this idea of heritage through illustration and print. Family photographs, ranging from cycle trips and races from her grandad’s generation to present-day, heavily inspired the colour palette and humorous nature of the final collection.