Jet McQuiston is a fine jewellery designer from London and recent graduate from the MA Jewellery Design Jewellery programme at Central Saint Martins. She works with a range of making techniques involving both traditional British craft communities and innovative machine-led processes like CNC machining, using sustainable materials such as vitreous enamel and salvaged gemstones including from inherited family pieces. Her final collection at CSM focusses on our climate and biodiversity emergency.

Jet is inspired by a family heritage in conservation work; her research is rooted in the exploration of private archives of Britain’s most eminent Natural History Museum and the cryo-facility at the Frozen Arc Project. Working closely with scientists from these institutions, Jet’s project focusses on our climate and biodiversity emergency, heralding and commemorating vulnerable species and natural environments.

Her work is a physical imagining of priceless data including accurate genomic information from endangered species, fragile ecosystems and microcosmic biospheres. The result is delicate balance of the natural and manmade, the traditional and progressive.