My inspiration came from a fashion debate with an earlier generation, a unique experience when my grandmother mistakenly thought I had fallen down and tried to sew my ripped jeans together.My grandmother and I don't think each other knows what fashion is. After all, in ancient China, short skirts did not exist. At that time, the society believed that women should not show their skin to others except their husbands.

By reviewing the Culture of The Qing Dynasty, I realized the rapid progress of women's clothing and showed the inclusiveness of women's clothing up to now. For example, in the past, Chinese seniors kept warm by wearing vests. Now, vests can also keep women cool in summer.ln terms of fabric, I chose strong fabrics like tweed and wool also choose bright colors to show young people's energy and confidence.

Grid has always been used as a classic in various shows, so I want to apply this element to my own design. After learning and mastering Al, I made my own grid. Cause due to the influence of traditional culture, I have a better impression of classic things and always want to make some classic but suitable clothes for young people. What I've explored in the design process is the expression of personality is not excessive, adhere to the heart, keep the comfortable state is what we should pursue. Like the clas-sic things will never be replaced, it will become more and more attractive with the precipitation of time. If fashion wants to become a classic, it is necessary to learn the experience of classics. Classics can also be more appropriate to the requirements of The Times through reasonable changes, so that the combination of fashion and classics can produce new and better classics.