Jiaxin Wu’s collection was inspired by floorplan, when she started to learn fashion design, there is a prototype or mannequin as a reference. Most of the time designers start the sketches from the structure of the human body. Until one day, Jiaxin found that there were many similarities between the house layout and the dress layout, and they all had their own symbols, lines and specific meanings. Therefore, putting the structure of the human body aside, Jiaxin started to find interesting places from the house floorplan to design clothes. What would the clothes look like in an unusual design method?

For this collection, Jiaxin used a large number of lines and irregular geometry. For example, we can imagine that there is a real wall on the flat floorplan, change it to be three dimentional and make the meaning of symbols and lines alive. Based on the previous process, she readjust the proportions and structure of the garments, and the area of pattern printing for many times. Trying to find some interesting silhouettes.