Jiaxuan LYU is recently graduated from Fashion Design Womenswear at London College of Fashion 2019. She has completed two internships at Wanbing Huang and J.JS. LEE for a total of 8 months. Jiaxuan is from Shanghai, China and grew up in North of China, she likes exploring the diversity between different cultures. She was keen on connecting Womenswear and Menswear to keep both details and characters.

In this final collection, Jiaxuan stays true to her style of finishings and tailored cuts. These pieces exude a romantic and elegant style that stands out against a noble palette of rose, wine red, violet, warm grey, lavender, dark blue, light blue and pearl. Soft and light fabrics manage to further showcase the collections elegant yet classic appeal.

Her final collection is called 'PINK ELEPHANT.' which follows her signature style of floating silhouettes. The design was inspired by the sleeping salaryman when she was traveling in Japan. This collection expresses a strong romantic female image. The main silhouettes come from the 1830's traditional womenswear and menswear shirt, suit and waistcoat. Based on men's tailoring, floating soft shapes is added, and the unique pleats and gathered are also applied flexibly in all aspects. The puffy pleated design is used throughout the whole design process in cotton shining, wool, linen, acetate, organza, Chinese silk, silk organza, anti taffeta fabric. The shapes are tailored oversized shining, pencil skins, soft organza tops, flared dress and wide-leg and voluminous trousers, romantic pleated coat.

Jiaxuan designed accessories for this collection: the purple romantic hat and white briefcase which is feminine. Through making a collage, the designer constructs the fantasy of a salaryman, hoping that people can realise their dream in hallucinosis and get away from the cruel reality The classic colours applied to tailored and classic pieces combined with Jiaxuan's unique motif of classic trimmings, creating a combination between luxury and contemporary