What interested Jiayan Diao were the outsider art. Outsider art often produced by a special group of people who had never received professional training and did not create for fame or wealth. Most of them had experienced hardships such as war, disease or imprisonment. Their creation is entirely based on the demand for inner expression. Jiayan learnt from them and tried to use their ways to create works. Jiayan visited different war museums, listened to the stories and let her realize how did some of these artists sink into deeper abysses with such awful memories.

In one of the war museums, there is a wall with a dense collection of portraits of people who died in the war, their names and identities are shown below the photos. Jiayan was deeply impressed by this wall and let her start to think what a wonderful life they would have if there were no wars. By using watercolour, crayon, acrylic and markers Jiayan drew a collection of portraits through emotions which have quite strong colours because she felt that there is or should have a colourful life behind each portrait.

Jiayan photocopied all the drawings and collages she had made. She also used photoshop to remake some of the drawings to let them have more different effects. Then Jiayan tore the surfaces of the paper with her hands and added more textures with silver-colour pens in the black parts. Then Jiayan stacked them together with a stapler to show the idea of an endless abyss under the bullets.

By using black as the main colour, Jiayan made one paper artwork with the shape of a dove which has been a symbol of love and peace for years back and this symbolism remained even to this day. The fluorescent lines are rotating towards the heart of the dove. The collages at the right with some random shapes were made by the negative parts of the previous collages which also provided Jiayan with many interesting ideas and colour combinations for her next design process.