Jiazhen Xie’s aim of this project was to explore the potential for different woven approaches to constructing containers for plants.The story of how she came to design for plants came from The Little Prince story; the rose was described as a woman; they were fragile, dedicated and beautiful. She wondered what if she push the personification idea of plants further.

Jiazhen wondered that what if she could create jewelry or clothes for plants so that they could be treated as human beings. She felt like taking care of flowers are like taking care of a human being, it was not easy but we could feel the process and life of the individual flower from bloom to decline. Even though we knew that cut flowers would be dead regardless but what we could do was to extend the beauty of flowers in a limited life and make their experience in the world more exciting.

Jiazhen used recycled bead containers to create rounded shape and hollowed surface. Her inspiration came from the natural reflection and textures. She decided to create woven containers, which not only could “dress” and build the uniqueness of the plants but also it could enrich the story of man and nature.