Jill Hyndman’s graduate collection was inspired by the contrast of feminine and masculine styles of the 18th and 19th century; “I took inspiration from the 18th century formal menswear and merged this with 19th century vintage lingerie pieces.” The collection has a romantic, feminine feel that is juxtaposed against the masculine elements.

The research process began with combining menswear with womenswear, starting with the mood board seen above. The inspiration started with looking at beautifully elegant 18th century menswear from the famous Fashion Museum, which as a Bath Spa student, Jill was lucky to have just outside her door step. To contrast with the masculine theme, Jill also looked at women’s vintage lingerie from the 19th century, with focus on the camp corset with its winding cords. Much like fabrics used within these time periods, this collection consists of luxurious dusty pastel fabrics with rich lace and shimmering metallic textures.

Jill created her surreal silhouettes though drape and 3D development by firstly using a deconstructed white shirt. This reference came from her initial mood board and imaginative concept. Using the ideas of how the shirt being pulled and wrapped around the body to create a new shape, this is how the collection was designed and developed whist staying true to to her initial concept and aesthetic.