Jimin’s thesis collection Modern Girl reflects the collision of American and Korean cultures and the place of women within it. Passionate about hip-hop and street culture, Jimin rejects misogyny and female stereotypes instead embraces the Modern Girl as being multi-cultural, highly educated and independent in her actions and how she looks – confident and proud. Utilising traditional Korean knotting methods in her collection transforms a technique that is traditionally woman-made into a garment of empowerment.

During the process of combining Korean traditional ornament with modern streetwear, Photographing garments in development and using photoshop to manipulate them further into original and dynamic prints. Complex pattern cutting is vital to Jimin’s process creating original silhouettes that define her work.

She separated the patterns by making the knot in a big size through the guideline that divides the shape and connected the knots to the edges of the pattern by combining the knots and the patterns, a non-traditional needlework technique. Because the pattern naturally shrinks when the knots are attached, She used the loosely fitted items such as from men's hoodies, sweatshirts before I divided the patterns to focus on developing a new silhouette. The combination of various textiles that have different characteristics such as nylon, vinyl, denim, prints, etc., and the knots become the garment itself; all of these factors create an important and meaningful representation.