Japanese architecture has given him some inspiration. For the aspect of space partition and landscape creation, his design concept began to focus on user experience and sensory stimulation. Through the continuous exploration of the deep culture of the Japanese nation, from the dialogue between architecture and environment. The grasp of spatial imagery and understanding of material properties look for the meeting point of tradition and modernity.

The indoor space in Japanese architecture, especially the public part of the building, seems to be very harmonious and coherent with the external space, which means that the "grey space" is very distinctive in Japanese architecture. The so-called "gray space" refers to the transition space between indoor and outdoor. Its existence to a certain extent dilutes the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the building and combines the two into an organic whole.

After Jinqiu Li’s investigation of the works of several outstanding architects and designers, he gradually formed his own design concept, breaking the indoor space and the natural space (outdoor space). To create a space full of Zen and the realm between two different spaces. But is it possible if it is a virtual space? Using VR as a media, the aesthetic realm and interior decoration are perfectly combined.

Our relationship with our bodies is complicated and as such we are innately afraid of looking stupid and feeling exposed. We instinctively want to save face even when our faces are covered by large goggles. In fact, there’s a reason why VR users in action have spanned many an internet meme: on the outside, we certainly look stupid and feeling exposed using technology and that might be one of the largest barriers to ensure its market permeation.

He hopes to create a Zen realm demonstrated the understanding of wabi-sabi and virtual creations being anchored in some form of physical basecamp instead of exsisting on their own. Designers should rethink the true spatial radius of VR. The richer the digital fantasy the stronger the attachment to reality should be.