Over the period of time I was researching, before I decided on what my concept was, I took particular interest in the samurai warrior of feudal Japan and researched the culture and the fashion of this incredibly deep and layered soldier. I took this idea of a warrior and overlayed it with the present perspective of fighting for the ideals we uphold. Our generation is aware of the route humanity is taking and is making itself and others responsible and accountable for the influence we have on the world. Protests and riots were often the leading movement of liberation and justice so the youth of today marches to the streets to be heard.

I started mixing designs, textures and colours to develop a colour palette that would be powerful lively and determined. The fabrics I started sorting were a range of modern fabrics that reflect today’s streetwear like denim, jersey, cotton and technical rain fabric opposed to the leathers representing the coarse armour of soldiers. Piping, reflective tape, press stud buttons and the prints allied to the reimagined silhouettes of Japanese and modern clothing bring this collection together as an act of defiance and of acclamation of identity.

Having an artistic background, drawing and painting are a very important part of my designing process. I gather imagery relevant to my work and start drawing, creating, transforming and responding. I tend to make a lot of sketches and fill up pages with possible designs and each one inspired by the previous one. After that I start creating outfits b y sketching, I keep changing the outfits, the combinations, the possibilities until I start creating a cohesive line of designs.
The prints I have used are a result of a day of photographing around the city. I found an old weathered phone booth that had a few old layers of graffiti but the inside of the glass was still untouched and I took a few pictures of the bleeding paint of the spray cans that I then altered on photoshop and later digitally printed. I have also done some handmade stencils and used graffiti techniques on some of the prints used on this collection.