Having started his studies in Visual Arts in Portugal João developed a keen eye for detail, composition and construction. Over this period he was already learning how to design and sew which helped me pursue a path in Fashion in England. In 2019 he graduated from Southampton Solent University as a Fashion Designer and Illustrator.

My work has constantly showed how he pushed the boundaries of menswear as well as the general construct of masculinity, a deep research sense and responsive design allied to his knowledge of pattern cutting and sewing. Joãos Final Collection is inspired by the activist generation that now arises, it envisions a duality between the feudal japan samurai warrior and all the layers that accompanied being a soldier and the many ways that the youth of today is protesting to create a better world. Combining classic silhouettes and using modern streetwear fabrics seen everywhere. The prints ware made from graffiti made in glass and photographed from the back and from stencils and handmade paintings made by himself.