Joanna Kur’s collection ‘nostalgia’ was inspired by her reflections and deeply rooted feelings of sentiment about life as she was approaching the age of 30. This milestone gave rise to an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. She decided to bring a bit of her personality into this project by incorporating her memories from the time before she moved to the United Kingdom. She has revisited her cultural and regional heritage as a person who moved away from their birthplace almost eight years ago.

In the process, Joanna had to reconstruct her feelings and emotions associated with the many nostalgic memories from her past. To do so she combined two themes that meant a lot to her while she was growing up. The first theme was the colourful and flowery style of 1970s dressmaking which she fondly associates with playing dress up as a child. The second, more mature theme, related to the alternative youth subcultures in Europe of the 1970s and 80s and their propensity for progressive creativity offset by the often violent and rebellious energy which reminds her of the time she was growing up as a teenager. The contrasting natures of these two themes combined into what Joanna believes is her personal aesthetic.
The aforementioned feelings and memories of her past life were reimagined and captured by using different textile creation techniques. The defining features of this project were the development of digital prints and traditional handmade Polish embroidery. In this process, Joanna collaborated on flowery needlework with craftswomen of the Kashubian region where she originates from. While developing prints, Joanna was experimenting with carefully selected colours, shapes, positioning and image mirroring to preserve their natural floral features but generate alternative colour schemes and composition.

Joanna has approached designing her collection with a robust research and design process enriched with experimentation, collaging and prototyping which, ultimately, led to the creation of a collection of dresses.