Joanna Wirazka is a first-year BA Womenswear student at Central Saint Martins In her process she usually refers to her experience with science and medicine while combining her Polish heritage. She always aims to create a space where her wearer can feel safe and comfortable. She designs within a sustainable approach- garments are made out of upcycled materials such as Polish folk rug or discarded upholstery foam.

Her recent white show project is called Eden Airlines, an imaginary universe that is deprived of any pain or concerns. Flying with us provides a sense of serenity and gives an ersatz of unknown lightness. The collection is a hybrid of paradise as an afterlife place and the fragility of immense airships. The collection is driven by the reflections on possibilities that have not been discovered yet- a mysterious sphere with a futuristic touch. Moreover, she brings people together to share their stories about Polish heritage for facilitating her projects and for supporting local inhabitants whose customs are slowly dying out.