By parenting with the social enterprise, The Blankfaces, Jodie Hughes’s collection was predominantly inspired by homelessness and how today’s society portray homeless people. The collection was inspired by S/S 2021 streetwear fashion and sustainable fabrics. While researching, Jodie found that newspapers played a big role in homeless peoples lives and used this to create her slogan “The Time Is Now”.

During the process of designing her collection while still bringing awareness for homelessness, Jodie developed her streetwear range by listening to the stories of homeless people and taking inspiration from this to create her slogan. After experimenting with print, digital was not available due to the current pandemic and her ideas were then adapted to this. Sublimation printing was then used onto the cotton fabric for her print to be created. While staying sustainable, she only used recycled nylon and upcycled cotton fabric that would’ve been used for manufacturing scrubs for certain elements in her collection.  Jodie’s collection was based on the Blankfaces utility concept as well as incorporating her own style with the colour scheme of her designs.

Jodie used illustrator and lectra to draw up her final collection. Blanking out the faces of the drawings was used as homeless people feel as they are not seen. Due to the pandemic, only 1 garment and 1 accessory were able to be made but she would love to see her final collection come to life. The collection matches the brand's concept as well as their morals by staying sustainable. With accents of her slogan, it brings awareness to homelessness but also staying on-trend. By using different colours and textures of fabric, removes the miserable taglines of homelessness and turns it into a conversation.