The theory of androgyny is an impactful inspiration behind this collection. I’m a researcher so my key interests lie in my love for researching and reading theories and essays, particularly Susan Sontag’s ‘Notes on Camp’. I found that the more I was learning about androgyny itself, the further my understanding of it became and how I was going to feed this into my work on a physical basis, For me I’m drawn to the feeling behind the concept and how it ties in with 70’s music, this idea of the performer on stage compliments androgyny well and what I wanted my collection to breath. Of course, an example of a performer who has inspired my work being Davud Bowie himself.

The print in my collection is something that along side the cut of the garments speaks my concept well, the print is constructed of hand drawn faces by myself of famous performers, the surreal aspect to them and the choice of colour and distortion feeds into the psychedelic aspects of the collection.

For the cut of the garments and design process I was inspired by the fit of the 70’s and 80’s eras, some of David Bowies jumpsuits on stage and Mick Jaggers flamboyant edge were utilised well in my collection. Of course I wanted to maintain a modern aspect to the collection as well as bringing an era back, another inspiration came from Harry Styles, he is the modern day performer I have taken inspiration from. Similar to how I am brining back an era in my collection, he is the modern day performer bringing back Bowies style, I wanted to let history repeat itself in my collection.