Johannes Warnke’s collection is inspired by the craving for real life human connection and sensory experience in a society that is increasingly relying on virtual media as tool of connection, a society that seems simultaneously addicted to and overwhelmed by digital stimulation and social media. The collection emphasises the real-life sensory experience for the wearer and implements features that calm the scattered mind from wind chime accessories, to stained glass blinders and sound earplugs, which manipulate the perception of the surroundings for the wearer. During the research process, Johannes travelled across Germany taking photographs of sacred places that have the potential to calm the virtual noise and make one aware of the present moment. Brutalist sacred buildings with their sculptural, curved and grand construction and cubist stained glass art inspired Johannes’ hand-dyed textiles, sensory stained bio glass headpieces and the curvaceous elongated silhouettes of his collection pieces. These compositions of light ombré fabrics and bold structures give the collection an artistic feel of spiritual and ethereal expression. Overall the sustainable collection is made with zero waste draping and up cycled materials from vintage tapestry in shoes to second hand wind chimes and cruelty-free hand-dyed silk.