John’s collection was heavily inspired by his ventures around Costa Rica in 2017. During his time in Costa Rica he spent his time observing nature, especially focusing on hummingbirds and the Morpho butterflies luminescence. These butterflies produce their signature iridescent blue colour through micro-structures in their wings.

It was during John’s design process where he started to combine his proprietary technique with his love of architecture, automotive and industrial design that led to the pursuit of his signature “Fine-industrial” aesthetic. John had intended to originally launch his collection towards the men’s jewellery segment as he felt that the men’s jewellery segment of the market had become quite saturated and need a breath of fresh air. They combine John’s developed technique for producing colour in titanium with black rhodium plated silver.

The collection is a cohesive assembly, due to the iridescent technique they share however, each piece contains a unique design element such as the front opening clasp on the Morpho Necklace. The resulting end products demonstrate John’s signature aesthetic of complex, yet elegant designs that follow his “Fine-industrial” aesthetic.