Jong Kim’s inspiration comes from vicious practice of wasting, the fashion industry is yet to halt. Therefore, the brand’s main purpose is to minimise the waste the fashion industry produces, by translating the former trend into a sophisticated leading trend using second-hand garments. Unlike the other companies who use second-hand clothes to manufacture products, every design of his pieces is limited to one. Hence, the identity of Jong is what makes every collection released stand out and places it on the high end.

Every collection has two purposes. One is to have the foundation of sustainable practice. Two is delivering the idea of being different and individual. Jong gets donations or buys vintage garments from the store. After those processes, he gathers and harmonizes them, unlike garments. The beauty of being different gives unimaginable outcomes. Jong tries to gather things that contrasting and comes up with unexpected moments.

Most of the ideas came from the word “different.” For him, the beauty of fashion is individuality. People have different characteristics and come from different cultures. Through those different backgrounds, people dress differently. Nowadays, people are so caught up with the trend and trying to be somebody. He wanted people to be individual and be themselves.