Inspired from insects, The Metamorphosis is a concept about the unlimited transformations of the human body. With an organic and biomorphic silhouette, this collections shows that people can evolve through unlimited transformations.

He made a collage with his photographs and developed various designs. Based on the biomorphic artworks, he made a lot of collages on how to make the design. He continuously experimented and developed by combining things not only garments but also insects, animals, or objects. And he built 3D experiments based on the 2D works that he chose.

Based on many types of collages, he developed the forms of 2D into 3D designs. First of all, he chose hollow fedora hats which looked like insect shells. And he tried putting fedora on people and applying it in many ways. He chose what form and structures of garments they were made of, and he did various studies on which details they were made of. After focusing on making the silhouette, he experimented with the textiles and various ways of development, he finally made it into textiles with the straps of wool jersey.

This is Yoon’s graduate collection line-ups. Although it had to be made into a restricted element in a space limited by pandemics, he made four looks using rigilene boning and fedora hats. The rest of the collections are expected to be made using sewable magnets and bra foams that can be designed in the future as shown in the range plan below.