In ‘Countryside Rave Art Project’(C.R.A.P), there are many collaborations with artists Mellmann has met through the underground rave scene- items being made in part by Mellmann himself and the artist/crafts-person. These collaborations really put the 'Art' in C.R.A.P: this especially clear in a part knit, part recycled patchwork hoodie made with Everette Bullen. Other collaborations include a hand-painted jacket by Susan Douglass, painted and studded wellington boots by Ruth Angel Edwards, a t-shirt by Gentle Mutilation and photograph prints seen throughout by Ricardo Cerulli.

Staple menswear garment styles- largely referenced from vintage- are re-imagined in complexy panelled, fabricated and fun new ways. Traditional menswear tailoring and shirting clash with neon, reflective and other hallmarks of the rave scene: tweed meets terrorcore, acid techno meets argyle and psychedelia meets print. Dead-stock fabrics, charity shop clothes and scrap materials find their way into the collection -often combined with new materials and custom digital prints in an old-meets-new ethos. This ‘new’ element is clearly shown by the neon stitching of all the garments - reacting under UV light to give the collection a day/night element commonly found in rave clothing.

The bold, graphic designs and artisanal pieces of the ‘Countryside Rave Art Project’ feature a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour throughout, showcasing Mellmann’s vision of what menswear and rave clothing can be: beautiful, bright and a bit cheeky. The jingle of the bell is ringing for the master of the garment, howling at the dark side of the world.