Over 40’s people are good at making their own style through basic items. Normally, their style is simple and neat with unique accessories or items, even their white hair can be used to represent by themselves naturally. They aren’t intend to be fashionable with fancy or gorgeous items because they already knew a specific point in minimalist fashion. I might feel ‘Mature Beauty’ through those fashion style.

Classically, we have custom in our society. For example, getting older demanded to be gentle and calm down even in fashion. As seen on the pictures, most of style are classic but there is unique detail which is suitable from them. I think these elements can be shown enough ‘ Mature Beauty’.

1943 women’s fashion; Military inspired wide shoulders, puffed sleeves, masculine necklines, A-line skirts, and minimal decoration.

Design was not band however, the empty area collapsed becasue of quite heavy to stand.The solution is only blocking the empty space to keep this second mock-up.