I see fashion as a playground for experiments in which influences from nature, architecture, graphics, art, function, craftsmanship, culture and everyday life symbiotically combine to produce new effects. I am interested in constructing patterns, especially deviating from conventional seam patterns (shoulder seam, side seam, ...) and pattern pieces (sleeve, collar, front). When constructing new patterns, I always get to know the body anew and can intervene specifically and influence the proportions and volumes.

I work with existing resources (old clothes, furniture, bags, backpacks, curtains, bed linen, ...) for ethical and financial reasons and for sustainability. I let myself be seduced by the feel, the colourfulness and the properties of the materials and put together exciting combinations for myself. Only then do I decide whether to make a jacket, trousers, a hat or any other garment or accessory. In this approach, I collect/sample material from a wide variety of sources, and I understand the results as portable collages. For me it is exciting to observe how the most diverse materials together achieve a new effect, create a new whole and radiate a self-evidence.

The material is one thing, but how is it processed? I strive to develop new processing techniques, to exhaust the craft and to consciously modify conventional work steps. Every seam, every button and every pleat are statements of the designer and these want to be targeted. Detached from the pattern, I produce textile parts or modules, comparable to LEGO bricks. Then I start draping the pieces on the body. It is a method in which the garment grows piece by piece until my eye and my body feeling say it is complete.