Josefine Almasanu’s work often starts with a mood. Her work often tends tells a story of escapism, with a mood inspired from fantasy and nature. She is also heavily influenced by costume design and historic dress such as the Victorian and Romanic eras. Furthermore, Almasanu tries to explore current issues in her work to give it modern relevance. As an artist she wants her designs to reflect some of the ideals and debates from our time, while also keeping a sense of the past.

In Almasanu’s Final Collection, she incorporates all these elements. Her collection started as a response to an article that discussed “#metoo”, an online movement where people were speaking out against sexual harassment that became viral in autumn of 2017. The article, which was titled “Yes, This Is a Witch Hunt. I’m a Witch and I’m Hunting You” and was written by Lindy West and published by The New York Times. In the text, West explained that people are no longer going to put up with being harassed. Inspired by this, Almasanu’s collection is telling a story of paganism, nature and people who are no longer tolerating abuse. With her collection she hopes to contribute to the ongoing movement against sexual assault.

The garments are all made in a lace fabric which has been printed on. By using a traditional fabric such as lace, but manipulating and printing on it, Almasanu wanted to modernize the fabric and her silhouettes while still keep a hint of Victoriana.