Joyce Chong’s collection was inspired by the basic elements of a child’s needs in order to have a content upbringing which includes security, safety and love. In a lot of cultures and parenthood they do not understand how to discipline and show emotions towards their children which can damage their mental health when they grow up. I was also inspired by children’s toys for silhouettes, the comfort and softness that a child should need to feel loved. I also researched heavily on light and music therapy. This was key because therapies can heal children through their traumatic experience.

During the design process Joyce knew it was vital to show the connection between the parent and the child. After experimenting on the stand with children’s clothes the ideal of sharing a piece of garment came to mind. Joyce discovered many possibilities in how to share clothes with another person. This piece of garment is versatile as it can be worn by two people at the same time or it can be worn by one person. The ideal behind Joyce’s design is that the mother and child are inseperable, they can not be pulled apart.

The final collection is all white which represents purity, it creates a strong focus on the texture and silhouette of the garments. Joyce choices each fabric based on comfort, love, affection and playfulness which is shown across the collection. These are the also what a child requires. She also incorporated Optic light fibres in a selection of her garments and bags. This carried on the theme of healing those who had a traumatic childhood, the wearer will have the option to use the lights where ever they go. Joyce thought about the mental health of garment wearers and how clothing can benefit their health.