Monologue examines humanity's need to protect itself from our increasingly oppressive external environment. The collection explores transformable garments that allow the wearer to quickly self-isolate. Embedded within the construction of the garments are lightweight, expandable spaces that are easy to access when privacy and protection are desired.

A dress that transforms into a sleeping bag, jackets with built in face coverings, and tops that expand into tents are integrated into the collection in calming monochrome fabrics. Within the expanded spaces are washes of psychologically soothing imagery. Visible only to the wearer, printed silk images of a calming night sky or optimistic sunrise create an accessible escape for the wearer.

Monologue maximizes the utilitarian function of clothing by providing portable safe spaces. Constructed using traditional tailoring techniques, each form also draws inspiration from engineering methods used in children’s pop-up books. And although it was not the initial impetus for this collection, Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of self protection and distance. The turmoil we endured during quarantine has further contextualized the significance of isolation- whether to distance oneself from the world in order to regain stability, or to disassociate from the past and future in order to focus on the present.