“The fact that they are able to be a bridge of communication for Chinese designers to the UK and British designers to China is very special.”

From Model to Stylist to TV Presenter and everything in between, Judy Chou is making herself heard.

Wandering through Soho with pit stops at The National Gallery, Regent Street and Carnaby Street, Judy opened up in our creative video featuring Underground Shoes for Whytt Magazine.

“I really enjoyed styling with Underground Shoes, a London UK punk culture shoe brand. I combined their shoes with cutting edge designer brands from Fashion Crossover London. They have so many designers that I like so mixing their pieces with Underground made everything so much more special.”

What makes Judy special, outside of the fashion, is that she is someone who is genuinely authentic. She cares less about following others and dares to be different. The pieces she chose were from Boyang Jian, Tiantian, Sin’s Suit and Hulun, with accessories from Gofefe; a strong mix of both talented graduates and established designers. To Judy the level of the designer does not matter, it is all about their talent. If they can create pieces filled with quality and panache then why should it matter how huge they are in the industry?

Forever busy with artistic ventures, the style star has been feted by the fashion industry for her outfit prowess and inventive self-expression, which has led to a range of impressive achievements, creating an envy-inducing CV.

“I went to Hollywood to participate in an event by NYX, a well-known British cosmetics brand. They chose me to be the representative for Taiwan and flew me to their headquarters in Hollywood to take part in a make-up contest.”

Judy ended up winning the NYX styling competition in Hollywood and is now their international campaign girl, which is no surprise, with cheekbones that look as though they were carved from crystal, deep chocolate brown eyes and a sleek, raw haircut; she is truly an otherworldly beauty.

She has a decade strong career filled with phenomenal moments such as styling AyaBambi, who have danced for Madonna and Alexander Wang, hosting for the biggest television channel in Hong Kong, TVB, and collaborating with huge brands such as Lulu Guinness, Vans and Integrate Cosmetics so we couldn't believe our luck when she wanted to work with us. We first met Judy at our Press Day last year, where her and our founder, Since Wang, really clicked.

“When I was in London I went to see my friend, Wangliling’s brand, who turned out to be in the Fashion Crossover London Press Day. I hit it off with Since and we have been collaborating ever since.”

As the sun sets and our day comes to an end, we’re sure it won’t be long until we cross paths with this gifted style icon again.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with Fashion Crossover London more on other designers. Whether it is wearing or shooting their pieces, I can’t wait to work with their upcoming designers to create something unique.”

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