Julia was developing pieces here through idea of jewels growing as disfigurements underneath the skin and to be seen as an altogether undesirable additive to the human body. Hosiery and foam were being experimented with and pewter metal, exploring female labour and to give the work a more bodily connotation.

Film Tests

The images above show structured hosiery as sculpture which merged with the body, disjointing limbs and joints. Julia was following themes of commodification of the abject body through malformity and using jewels to disrupt the body's lines. The gestures in video will showed obscuring daily tasks. occasionally a body comes into the main focus to rearrange the hanging pewter. This was beginning to visually explore ideas surrounding illness and loss of identity.

Developments in Metal work

After various tests incorporating pewter and hosiery, Julia realised she wanted to focus solely on metal and its qualities. Jewellery as a transportable item conceptually no longer made sense at this point as adornment had no been a priority over lockdown. Julia wanted to create some which was more authentic to what bodies through the past year had been in contact with and the metal began to organically take shape in this form. The physical anchor within video work is a chair, a piece of furniture embedded with importance throughout the pandemic.