Julian Scarry´s “UTOPIAN” is an escapist exploration of freedom within restriction. This seven look collection features over 35 original prints, all designed to be hand-pleated in order to allow the garments to appear as though they shift colours when in motion. The constant shift in our daily lives is explored through this unique effect.

Using a wall in the studio as a reference board helps Scarry to build a narrative and be constantly confronted with the collections subject matter. As the collection grows, so do the contents of the wall. Here, Julian looks at the subliminal messaging of poses in art and dance, looking at specific body formations to inform the story he wants to tell with his prints.

Each look tells a different story and emotion. A specific composition can evoke a feeling, which leads to hundreds of sketches and notations, which are then simulated and compiled in photoshop to get instant representations for what his mental image looks like.

Colour plays a huge part in Scarry´s world. To develop a design, garments undergo constant changes in hue. The look is evaluated individually, as well as in the context of the entire collection, to ensure that the lineup flows, the prints take you on the desired journey and the colours harmonise.

When Julian hits a creative wall, his best remedy is to play the music that guides him throughout the creation of the collection, put on heels and dress up in his toiles or samples. He explores hundreds of sillhouettes until he finds one that evokes the emotion he desires to give to the wearer. Impersonating the fictional protagonist of his collection is the essence that infuses his designs with life and energy.