Flowers and freshness is a recurring theme on JungEun Kim. She was influenced by Percy Shelly and by a 17th Century mystic Angellus Siessus "Gerubim Pilgrims”. Begging with the latter, "the rose is without why. It blooms because it blooms.” What is beautiful in itself, is a reason for existence, and great things are the same. The beauty of life, its greatness, is the reason for existence. This led her to unsolvable questions about the aiming of human beings in this life and made me think of humans as phenomenal and mysterious, the unknown. The idea of a moment of joy, of living things while they last when they are happening is one of the key elements of the collection.

Drawing inspiration from the brevity of the pleasure of life and nature. She interprets Pierre Bonnard’s idea of expressing pleasure. She does so by creating pieces that create a rather natural atmosphere of an aesthetic nature re-interpreting as well as p.b. shelly’s ideas of momentary joy. She develops to express colour through the technique of enamelling in order to visualize her painting on jewellery.


This collection intends to represent a scene in which someone has come painted and left behind the essence of being represented symbolically on the different components of the picnic. The element of the flowers emblemizes the beautifulness of human existence, the sketchbook is a metaphor of art acting upon our lives. And the wind resembles the mysterious, the infinite meaning of being. In this way, she is perhaps offering a portal through which we can remain in that joyful moment.