Junghee Yoon’s final work ‘Timeless doodling’ was influenced by abstract paintings of doodling artists like Paul klee, David shrigley and Bernard cohen. Doodling is a way not only to improve our imagination and creativity but also to help to process our emotion, although it is aimless. She agree that the use of childish things may be extended indefinitely, until death, as Carl Larsson mentioned. Her work ‘Timeless doodling’ is based in monochromatic colour palette as if time is stopping and but, endless like this period.

During the last term, the process of her work has been a journey to get over our current global predicament. Fortunately, it made her focus more on the subtle detail of daily life and what she see and what she does by observing everything surrounding.
After her drawing, she tried to do more experimental doodling plays from her drawings and samples. The doodling drawings cast fascinating shadows that form different shapes by moving body. She imagined what if we can wear doodling and what if people manipulate it according to what they want without any suggestion.

This is Junghee Yoon’s doodle during her self-quarantine. Since she came back to her country, South Korea, during self-quarantine, she has recorded her doodling every day for 30 days. She tackled her lockdown stress and anxiety by doodling with a crochet rather than a pen. And these abstract structures of the doodle were developed to a flexible body piece as well as a soft sculpture. Their shape and a role could be changed by who using it, how to play and where they are.