Juntao’s Juntao's thesis collection "Ouyang T - Jewellery on technology" was inspired by the relations between mobile devices and humans such as earphones and cellphones. She aims to explore the new wearability of jewellery and give them new fashion style. Form and Structure are taking shape with digital icons we are familiar with during daily life. Pop colour pallette also rekindles the feeling of playful and happinese.

During the development of the earrings collection, Juntao met the problem of while remaining the elegant shape of the design, she needs to also consider holding the earphone with the jewellery. Later she decides to suit one circle in each icon with one specific measurement.

About the rings collection, Juntao specifically made all individual 3d models for each design. All rings obtained the magnet which is used for attached to cellphones. Also, they are foldable to become a flat coin-look disc. Hollow design reduces the weight of this jewellery itself. Soldering parts are secretly hidden.

This is the line up of the "Ouyang T" collection. Both rings and earrings designs in the collection could be made with both titanium (diamond set by required) or hot enameled silver.