I started the collection with the energy of regenerating a product, to take what was there and transform it. The idea behind is to make a connection between fashion and our life. Integrating fashion into my life by modifying the fundamentals is what I pursue in the future creations. I want to create this hybrid fashion where ugly becomes beautiful. I consider that fashion itself is the essential thing that keeps you in comfort so in terms of fabrication is to challenge on using unexpected materials that has some sort of nature and to elevate this, is to build a story behind.

I believe showing oneself is the true pursuit of creativity, and the most important thing is to make a change. For the collection, I aim to insert ordinary things into my design. It's talking about a series of inspirations I collected in Morocco (Marrakech) during 2016 and 2019, also integrating textile as "daily necessities" into my designs -essentially it's kind of an upgraded method like our over-consumption world. I feel that towels has this time and it’s of course one of the daily necessities material but that is still in a really good shape, which I started to recreate them for garments.

I'm challenging myself to go oppose the typical and planned ideas that stand out from the standard. Building an aesthetic that is intimately connected to my personal taste and identity and referencing everyday wear that is considered to be decadent. I chose fabrics that felt very cheap to me ‒ flat, nasty, unexpected.’ Using this as a starting point, the challenge was to elevate these textiles to a luxury level.

For me, beauty and can indeed be found in anything, most certainly in things that aren’t generally considered as conveniently beautiful. What is considered “ugly”, wrong, or confronting is often much more exciting. People should have a more open mind! It would enable them to find inspiration in situations they definitely didn’t expect to, or that initially, they may not even have liked. This collection will continue as apart of my work in the future and will enable me to still have the courage in tenure to aim for being a designer and keep this energy is actually to see myself improve and have this opportunity to show my story.