‘Melancholy for Lost Youth’ is a contemporary menswear collection by Ka Wai Lam that takes inspiration from the sartorial dress code of mods and youth subculture in 1960s Britain. Iconic parkas, tonic suits and classic bomber jackets have been deconstructed and reimagined through exposed seaming, oversized silhouettes and exaggerated garment details.

The collection combines a timeless mix of traditional tailoring and innovative performance fabrics, which are set within a somber colour palette of mournful tones of blue to mirror the notions of melancholy and faded youth dreams.

How can a new form of beauty be defined in terms of mens fashion? This is a question which has long perplexed me. My vision was to define beauty within a playful and iconic menswear collection that has been tinted through the lens of melancholy and subversion.