Throughout my collection, Saville Row cloth merchant Holland and Sherry has been very supportive, generously sponsoring and subsidising my fabrics whilst also assisting with sourcing. Having the privilege of working with one of the most prestigious cloth merchants, combining tradition alongside contrasting and innovative designs to ensure a polished outcome representative of the finesse and craftsmanship exhibited in traditional tailoring.

The concept of this collection began with research on the capitalist system, as corporations gain increasing levels of political power questions surrounding economic and cultural shifts begin to be at the forefront of contemporary discussion. Considering the continuously increasing pressure in Japanese work culture, these societal expectations that are carried often lead to depression and suicide. The focus for this collection draws on this perspective, of capitalisms exploitative nature and its resulting manifestation of a population of men in crisis.

An abstract and conceptual way to demonstrate the weights that the ‘slave salaryman’ has to carry on their shoulders, the societal pressures they inherit behind these suits emphasising the imbalance in the patriarchal structure of the society in regards to power dynamics. Asking the question, “Are we all just disguising our frustration towards our society and blindly working towards an unforeseeable goal after all?”