Kaidi Ning’s collection was inspired by the 1970s fisher women in South Korea, their fitness and curvy body shows both powerful, tough and soft feeling. In her collection, what she wanted to present is mixing the characters of sea and women together to rebuild the definition of femininity, the female body can be soft, powerful, elegant and interesting. Kaidi Ning grew up in the city surrouded by sea, so she also includes her obsessed feeling of sea into the collection.

Kaidi Ning’s whole collection is all made by knit pieces, she tries to create more innovative textiles by recreating unique techniques on the dubied knitting machine using different techniques. Also she is very careful on choosing the yarn, she wants the fabric to demonstrate a shiny and glossy effect which reflects the surface of sea. All the elements made the collection stand out from the crowd and normal fabric-made garments. The details of the texture on the outfits are delicate and playful.

The concept inspiration for the project are lines, the lines from fisher women curvy body, the lines from the sea surface. Kaidi also revealed the concept in the silhouette, instead of using the sewing machine to sew the garment, she let the fabric twist and stretch all together then lay on the mannequin in a natural way, adjust the shape then hand stitch the fabric together. She also used the elastic yarn form the tight and loose tension on the garment. This method including lines is naturally fitting to the body as well as presents the curvy body line.