Growing up in Western Massachusetts, the importance of sustainability in all its facets (economic, community, and environmental) due to the impact of surrounding local communities, farms, and small businesses was ever-present. This has become a key facet of her work in both garment and production design. She strives to use the most recent work she produced for her Parsons 2020 graduation collection as a case study for how to further change current systems of design in fashion for the benefit of all people involved in the process. One of her key focuses has been on working with under-represented artisans of hand crafts and sourcing ethically produced, natural fibers to support regenerative ecosystems and production.

Quinteros’ work can be described as a form of wanderlust for craft. Her desire to explore, learn from, and contribute to the sustainability of handcrafts and artisan work was spurred on by her initial exposure to the historical textiles of her ancestors from Peru.

Since then, she subsequentially also took an interest in fashion and garment design. Her integration of craft in her designs is oftentimes contemporary and experimental, yet resulting in functional pieces. Her focus on craftsmanship within her designs is paramount, believing quality does indeed top quantity.

Quinteros’ designs take hold of an inherent magic in the natural world, looking at shapes and forms of plants, water, and decay as things of an etherial quality. In her work, she uses these influences to further relay these feelings of existential wonder and beauty, oftentimes juxtaposing both the joyous and brutal characteristics of nature to create this magic.