Karina Nasywa’s graduate collection “In Full Bloom”captures the essence and impression of one of her favorite movies of all time, In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-Wai. Her collection translates the six plot points of the movie into each individual look through visual analysis. Karina starts by extracting color palettes from the principal scenes. The color palette serves as a guide for creating a moodboard for each look. The image above is the design process of creating look 4 of the collection.

She then experimented with different types of textile to tell the mood of each look. Using deadstock fabric, she upcycled the material and combines techniques of boro, fabric slashing, and gathers to create volume and to mix different textiles to create a new texture. Karina tries to translate the color palettes using the deadstock fabric she founds, which might not be as accurate due to the unexpected texture and color of fabric available. For the collection, she is able to create textile explorations from various cotton, linen, and polyester blend textiles.

Karina also puts keywords and rough sketches to understand each plot points better. She also experimented with different silhouttes that suit the theme and mood of each plot points. For the rough sketches, Karina creates them digitally through Adobe Illustrator.

This is Karina’s final line-up. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic she was able to create look 3,4, 5 while the rest of the collection are created with 3D rendering. She believes that the collection wouldn’t be whole without the first and last looks as it is her interpretation on the iconic movie she loves so much. The name “In Full Bloom” is chosen because of it’s idea of transformation. In the movie, the two main characters evolve from meeting each other, falling in love, and finally letting go the idea of their relationship as time progresses. Karina translates the movie’s mood of metamorphosis in her own artistic way.