Ratbox Sweet Ratbox is a multimedia storytelling of lockdown. The final selection of pieces speak to being trapped at home and how somewhere so safe and comforting has for many now become an enclosure. The imagery is developed from architectural features and homes collaged together in a fashion that disorients the viewer. This calls to the confusion of the once safe space turned trap. Ratbox Sweet Ratbox is a confused romance narrative of desperately trying to love your home.

This project was influenced by Webb’s Indigenous Canadian roots, NFT / VR art, comic book pages, the magical girl trope in anime and manga juxtaposed with Junji Ito, and rural folk art. She creates a quiet and silly horror of being trapped in a ratbox. By looking at artists like Lucy Orta and fashion brands along the lines of SHRIMPS, Webb is blurring the line between art object and commercial application. By creating finished objects like loungewear and cosy blankets covered with the imagery of confusion and loneliness, she attempts to bring comfort to the viewer, but most of all herself.

Each piece is made with sustainable 100% wool, and much of the imagery is either hand painted or hand painted onto a blank screen using acid dye then worked into through stitch and collage. The digital pieces are digitally printed onto a fine 100% wool. Webb’s focus on sustainability is through material choices. Wool is one of the most sustainable fabric materials. She wanted to create objects that could be kept for generations.