Kate’s dream is to work in the fashion industry as she is fascinated by the colours and elements of clothing. She has been privileged to study the art of fashion which has allowed her to express her creativity to create the art.

From her perspective, fashion is another concept for individuals to allow and give ability to themselves to define or interpret their personality from the outside world. It is interesting how garments and accessories can transform a person into a walking piece of art. Style of concept that draws her attention is vintage and she is particularly interested in combining it with modern style and make it fashionable, chic and classic.

The inspiration that she gain from trend research is phenomenal. She is an avid observer of trends through vogue and her favourite is Parisian style. She loves developing her own design by getting inspired from Parisian appearance as well as interiors of Paris.

The love for experimenting and sourcing fabric is a common passion for designers and it is one of her strongest ability that she has. It makes a significant impact in her fashion life, discovering the blend in materials and style of the fabrics.

Kate’s interest in fashion has grown further as she has been learning and developing her knowledge in depth. She is excited to develop furthermore in practical skills and be an inspirational to others.