Made out of gold leaf, these pieces are delicate shells which are easily squashed and torn. They each have a hollow side and a solid side, so they give the illusion of being solid and strong from one angle but contrastingly fragile from the other.

This necklace is a recycled silver wire chain made up of circular links which must be stretched over the head in order to wear it. Therefore the wearer has an impact on the piece which also symbolises our impact on the planet. The wearer interacts closely with the piece as they put it on and stretch it to fit over their head.

Ceramic necklace made from porcelain, a material with strong connotations of fragility. The chain makes a delicate sound as it moves, which highlights the brittleness of the piece.

A chain necklace made up of recycled precious metal links which are not soldered closed, and therefore it falls apart easily. The wearer has to be very careful when putting on or taking off the necklace, and it takes a lot of patience and effort to put the chain back together when it falls apart. This is like a metaphor for climate change – the worse the situation gets the harder it will be to fix. It also reflects how easily everything could collapse and fall into disarray.