Katie Griffith Morgan’s collection aims to capture the tension between the tactile past and the intangible digital future. Inspired by the sentimentality held in precious objects, Katie researched the often-discarded photonegative and the 19th century jewellery trend of ‘lover’s eyes’. From this, the collection centred around the concept of ‘the gaze’, and the small nuances between watching, seeing and being seen.

Katie combed through donated negatives to create imagery for the collection, which were then laser etched on to leather and denim to create delicate photographic prints. This introspection and intimacy is also seen in how the collection explores the ritual of getting dressed. Katie sees dressing as a therapeutic ritual and is influenced by how the wearer interacts with their clothing through twisting, folding and fastening. Katie draped instinctively on the stand to translate this to her garments, making hardware inspired by the lover’s eye to hold and suspended the fabric.

Katie’s collection aims to embody playful elegance, balancing feminine silhouettes with heavier, moodier textiles. Focusing on modern craftsmanship, she uses a mixture of luxurious and everyday materials to create garments that show that fashion can be both beautiful and lighthearted. This contrast is shown through Katie’s application of graphic and retro influences with a softer, modern touch.