Katie Holmes’ graduate collection concept started with British rebellion in fashion during the ’80s after a long period of rioting and rebellion in Britain. The Buffalo collective was made up of photographers, designers and artists. The disruptive and radical movement transformed the way that society absorbed fashion with a pioneering style, showing new masculine identities that became one of the most influential of the decade. The creative group included Ray Petri, Jamie Morgan and other members from a diverse range of backgrounds. The word Buffalo itself was a Caribbean expression adopted by Petri, used to describe rude boys and rebels.


Katie has developed a directional aesthetic that shows her passion for luxury streetwear with a more innovative mix of fabrics and her own developed prints. During the design development process, Katie wanted to create oversized silhouettes linking to her concept research of mixed proportioned garments, inspired by subcultures referenced by the Buffalo creatives.

The line up incorporated chunky knitwear giving the collection a more relaxed feel along with oversized coats and jacket with large pockets, longer length sleeves and mix-match prints of checks and developed camo print.


The collection combines digital prints and vinyl graphics with details of reflective printing on both the coat and joggers adding another level of luxury to the streetwear. Katie’s collection contains 12 garments including jersey jumpers of various styles and proportions, large statement puffer coats, relaxed joggers and tailored trousers and she has used jersey waste from joggers and jumpers in the collection to make off-cut hoodies as a recycling strategy. Designing at a high end ready to wear market level has provided her with the freedom to use luxury fabrics and include intricate details and fabric processes that would be realistic for a high-end production budget. This offers high-quality luxury street style in contemporary menswear with a more quirky nod to the subcultures. The resulting end products demonstrate the influence of 80’s Buffalo, all of which is portrayed throughout her work by using grungy colours with bold check prints and vibrant blue tones.