Katie Milledge’s collection captures the uniform and tailored styles worn by WWII soldiers but is modernised with a streetwear twist. The starting point of ‘Hacksaw’ came from a historical and gaming interest. The design process then involved research and styling with fabrics, tents and straps to create first aid and rioter silhouettes. After immense designing, experimental pattern cutting and Gerber was used to create the desired bold and strong aesthetic.

Continuing the individuality of the collection, Katie explored graphics, print and textiles, creating monochromatic prints from her own photography of rioters, capturing anarchy. Picking up laser cutting techniques for burning lettering onto strapping inspired by medic gear. Sustainability was important when creating the collection, pieces were sewn reusing donated fabrics and end of roll. The bespoke designed accessories recycled hardware and military buttons. Through fabric and print choices, a comfortable yet formal range was produced.

The capsule collection allows you to mix and match the practical garments to create different outfits. With a large focus on layering and fabric texture, including quilted hoodies, an all in one that can be styled worn off the shoulders and 2 tiered waterproof trenchcoats with tactical belts.