Katrina Aba is an Irish womenswear designer of Filipino descent. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland. Katrina’s cultural background is a big source of inspiration for the work. She is passionate about using garments to tell her version of a story. Her graduate collection ‘Ninth Hour’ is an exploration of both culture and religion. It examines the themes of darkness and grief. Focused on conveying emotions through her pieces and creating an appropriate atmosphere- her work can be described as expressive.

‘Ninth Hour’ aims to reflect on her experience of being part of the Filipino culture, where religion is a big part of the ceremonial life of the people. In this womenswear collection the silhouette draws on Filipino traditional dress with butterfly sleeves, dropped shoulder and full body cover. Featured are laser-cut embellishments that derive from the variety of robes and ornaments, clothing the bodies of religious figures in Catholic processions. In the Philippines, the key moment for public expression of devotion is Holy Week, when Christ’s suffering is commemorated. The collection conveys the sorrowful atmosphere through the predominant use of black fabrics. The garments emanate simplicity and elegance in their silhouette- focusing on detailed surface techniques that embody the richness of the history of religious robes and echoing its ornate quality. The collection serves as a way to wear this narrative and in turn express its significance. It is acmes at people who seek to turn the abstract nature of grief into something tangible.