Keya Martin is Artistic Director and Founder of the unique shoe brand - Keeyahri. She desires to design first through touch while manipulating fabrics and hand-selecting details that convey a simple sensuality. Her collections are released in small-scale seasonal way in order to honour the community she’s successfully reaching out. She creates especially for a dynamic women with an eclectic sensibility with a point-of-view for the world.

Her designs are characterized with a focus on luxe, Italian craftsmanship and evocative textures. Keeyahri takes an artistic approach towards contemporary design poised and confident understanding for fashion as an investment in self-empowerment and self-expression. Her main goal is to empower women to strut into their fearlessness.

Keeyahri stimulates a particular lifestyle of confidence through a commitment of quality, craftsmanship and eclectic style. “You will never go unnoticed in my shoes”, says Keya to all the women brave enough to follow their internal voices and instincts while creating a business that makes them feel fulfilled. She stands for the idea of fashion being not a size but ensuring deeper meaning to boost self-confidence while promoting self-love through out her designs using one foot at a time.