Kelly's collection is inspired by looking at forms of movement and studying ways to create new forms of motion in fashion, exploring a range of movements, such as perpetual motion, counterbalance, ball bearing spinners and also captured still motion. the inspiration began from the science behind how a dog shakes its fur, and capturing this type of movement and translating it into a garment.

During the development and exploration of the collection, Kelly looked at the working of kinetic artists and mechanisms such as Da Vinci’s ornithopter to inspire her own kinetic metal workpieces that created a flapping motion from the kinetic movement of the human body as it walks. She also created her own textiles through de-constructing boning and weaving it through lightweight organzas to give the fabrics a whole new way of behaving and moving to create a bouncing motion. these fabrics were then manipulated onto large metal hoops that were suspended by elastic to create dresses and skirts that bounced and gained momentum when worn whilst walking.


With each piece of the collection having its own unique method of creating movement, from flapping metal, spinning ball bearing illusions or suspended bouncing textiles, the collection encompasses the love of movement and the search for creating something new and ore inspiring, the provokes a reaction of wonderment, which is the key aim for Kelly’s work.