Kelsey Sprudd’s collection was deeply inspired by arctic living for urban survival. It all began with a trip to Iceland during the Winter of 2016. The colours, textures and an undisturbed natural landscape of this country influenced Kelsey to produce a unisex collection which focused on exploration and oversized silhouettes. Her aim is to allow the wearer of these garments to reconnect with their surroundings, whether that be uninhabited or urban.

During the process of mixing outdoor wear with contemporary urban-style streetwear, Kelsey developed her collection by selecting a range of diverse, innovative and technical fabrics, all of which had their own purpose for each look. Durable, waterproof and recycled sources combined with bold and graphic prints, which represent both the rural and urban elements of RATILJÓST collection. Kelsey has designed four different accessories in order to complement each look. By incorporating both the ‘Icelandic Typography’ and ‘Urban Stroke’ prints in different colourways, Kelsey merges natural elements such as the colours inspired by the landscape of Iceland with the more modern urban components of the graphics.

Each piece comes with a different purpose and function within the collection by incorporating purposeful and enlarged pockets. Kelsey was inspired by various outdoor activities based in Iceland and wanted to portray these ideas within her designs. Scuba diving, Ice climbing, Glacier hiking and White-water rafting are the core motivation behind each outfit. The final products express the combination of both urban and rural elements working together in harmony for the wearer.