Kemi is a Knitwear Designer, graduating from Central Saint Martins in BA Textiles Design. She likes to create work that tells a story, which people from all walks of life can connect with and be a part of. Showcasing the richnesss of her Cultural Heritage, as a West African second generation child, raised in London. Kemi wants to reinterpret what it means to be part of a traditional society, embracing cultural differences and communicating this through contemporary outcomes.

Experimenting with the use of colour, texture and pattern. She enjoys finding ways of being conscious, resourceful and practical within her work, to create new outcomes and explore their possibilities. A great deal of craftmanship goes into the development of her designs.

Her collection explores the Art of being resourceful. Taking inspiration from the procces of traditional textile craft, as a form of reconnecting to where her generation is from, and understanding the subconscious embodiment of her West African heritage. Narrating a story, of the significance between material, culture and craft, to construct a hybrid identity, which is then translated into authentic knitwear.

Showcaing unique structures and textures, developed using a range of manipulation techniques , as a result of beading, partial knitting and transfer design. She has incorporated a range of interesting material textures, such a zip pulls and electrical sleeving in a creative way, to show how regular materials can be utilsed and transformed into something new.