Khristina Stolyarova’s collection ‘Life, Death, and Everything In Between’ turns to the Western art tradition in depiction of Christian religion and faith. It consists of two parts — theatrical costume headdresses and fine jewellery pieces. First three headpieces reflect on the story of Jesus Christ through the main events of his life. The second part includes a ring, a brooch, a necklace and a pair of earrings: all pieces are designed in fine materials and refer subtly to crucial themes, particular narratives and some visual elements of Christian tradition.

For the theatrical headpieces Khristina combined traditional jewellery materials and techniques with some unconventional elements. After developing design both on paper and in 3D-modelling software she tested the materials that would not only visually but also conceptually match the idea of the collection. Felt is used for the balaclava as the piece is inspired by the figure of Saint John the Baptist — in art he traditionally depicted wearing camel pelt. Epoxy seal around the metal wreath of the ‘Death’ crown played with the idea of unfathomable agony of the narrative of crucifixion.

Besides traditional jewellery production manipulations, such as soldering, casting, 3D-modelling and stone setting, Khristina has resorted to modern sculpting techniques, pattern-cutting and ancient metalsmithing. To address the current covid-restriction she digitalised two of her headdresses and turned them into instagram filters.

Four fine jewellery pieces were created digitally and rendered. All of them are referring to a specific narrative of the scripture. Due to complexity of production of elaborate fine jewellery pieces only the ‘Virtue Signaring’ is produced. It is made of gold, silver, diamonds and various other gemstones. All of the pieces are placed into gloom and barren ambience. Those landscapes contrast with the pieces’ opulence of gold and gems, highlighting the Christian idea about what is transitory and what is eternal.